Stetson University

University Faculty Compensation Committee


This committee shall consist of the Provost, the Dean of each College and School, the Director of the duPont-Ball Library, the Diversity Council Chair, the Gender Equity Council Chair, the chair of the Senate Executive Committee, the chair of each college/school faculty compensation committee, the Director of Institutional Research, and the Vice President for Finance, ex-officio.


The purpose of the Faculty Compensation Committee is to promote, monitor, and assure fair and equitable compensation for employees. The committee was formed in 1996-97 and charged to evaluate the status of the University's compensation structure when measured by comparison (1) to median benchmarks, to be established by the committee, and (2) to internal equity and performance measures. The University committed to achieve benchmark medians and to resolve equity and performance problems over a five-year period beginning 1997-98.

Specific Responsibilities include:

  1. To review faculty salaries and to make recommendations to the President’s Cabinet to promote, to assure equity within the University and with reference schools.
  2. Present regular reports to faculty regarding faculty compensation.
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