University Council on Curriculum and Academic Policy
(UCCAP) Guiding Principles

Excerpted from the council's defining document, approved Apr. 29, 2010. » More Information

UCCAP Mission

Stetson University has high, institution-wide standards for academic quality and adherence to the university academic mission.

The University Council on Curriculum and Academic Policy (UCCAP) will help ensure the consistent attainment and advancement of these high standards across programs in all Colleges and Schools, thereby maintaining and advancing the integrity and coherence that are essential for Stetson University’s excellence and robustness. Moreover, the scope of UCCAP will ensure Stetson University students have clear and coherent guidance for their learning experience, no matter their chosen field(s) of study.

Uniform university policies will facilitate the smooth and efficient movement of students among undergraduate majors and programs, and successful degree completion. To this end, UCCAP will review undergraduate curriculum and academic policy proposals to ensure they are consistent with Stetson University policy and, if applicable, national disciplinary and professional standards. Graduate program credit requirements will be consistent with relevant national, regional, and state disciplinary and professional standards.

UCCAP Membership

UCCAP and its contributing committees are representative governance structures.

Because faculty have primary responsibility for the academic enterprise, faculty comprise the majority of UCCAP members. There is faculty representation from all Colleges and Schools through a combination of elected and appointed positions. All full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty will be eligible for election or appointment to UCCAP and UCCAP contributing committees.

Unless otherwise specified, terms of elected faculty UCCAP and UCCAP contributing committee service will be staggered three-year terms, with no more than two consecutive terms.

Consulation from University Stakeholders

Various Stetson University stakeholder groups will be consulted, as appropriate, on curriculum and academic policy proposals. The Faculty Senate will be consulted on all academic policy proposals and may be consulted on major curricular proposals.

All curricular proposals and all academic policy proposals will be posted on the Stetson University intranet for the information and review of all Stetson University faculty. In addition to the faculty and Faculty Senate, these stakeholder groups will primarily include relevant staff and students. In particular, Stetson University students on the DeLand Campus will be represented by Student Government Association members on UCCAP and the University General Education Committee. When full UCCAP membership determines that deliberations involve matters requiring the protection of confidentiality, student members will be excused.

Stakeholder input may be sought in various ways, including but not limited to conversations, joint meetings, online surveys or pulse questions, focus groups, or open campus forums. Decisions about necessary input will balance the importance of a consultative process with the efficiency of the policy review, recommendation, and action process.

UCCAP Steering Group

The Provost and Deans are primarily responsible for supporting the academic enterprise and advancing institutional priorities.

To facilitate the effective and efficient movement from review, to recommendation, to action on curriculum and academic policy enhancements, a UCCAP Steering Group including the chair of UCCAP, the chair of the University General Education Committee, and the Faculty Senate UCCAP representative will meet regularly with the Provost and Deans of the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Business Administration, and School of Music — and when relevant the Vice President and Dean of the College of Law — to discuss and guide current proposals through the review and recommendation process.

Curriculum Review Process

The review and recommendation process is intended to facilitate thoughtful and efficient review, recommendation, and action on the advancement of Stetson University’s academic mission. All proposals submitted to UCCAP will be tracked by the Office of Academic Affairs and posted on the Stetson University intranet to ensure timely review and recommendation. 

All recommendations at any level of the process will be acknowledged and a formal response will be provided in a timely manner. A proposal may be returned to a former level of the process for reconsideration and revision. Feedback and guidance will be provided in the spirit of collegial collaboration on behalf of the integrity of our students’ learning experience.

If a recommendation is rejected at any level, reasons for the rejection will be given, as well as guidance, if any, for making the proposal viable.