Athletics Committee


This committee will consist of five members of the faculty in addition to a representative of the Faculty Senate; the Faculty Athletic Representative, ex-officio with voting privileges; the Director of Athletics, ex-officio; President, ex-officio; and two students. The chair is a member of the faculty. The committee now includes four sub-chairs of specific areas of compliance.


  1. To review the policies and practices of the athletic program at Stetson University.
  2. To make recommendations to the President’s Cabinet in the following areas:
    • Budget priorities (scholarship distribution, gender equity, etc.);
    • Program emphasis (e.g., which sports are emphasized, use of facilities);
    • Coordination of academic and athletic programs;
    • Schedules;
    • Administrative structure (e.g., ticket sales, publicity);
    • Policies for the use of athletic facilities;
    • Such other areas as the President’s Cabinet may designate.

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