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Academic Technology Committee


This committee will consist of nine members of the University faculty, including one representative from each of the four Divisions of the College of Arts and Science, two representatives from the School of Music, two representatives from the School of Business Administration, and a member of the Library faculty; at least one member of the faculty must also serve on the Faculty Senate. Other members will include the Associate Vice President for Information Technology, ex officio; Director of the Instructional Media Center, ex-officio; two students and a representative from the Administrative Computing Committee. The Chair must be a faculty member.


  1. To provide input to the Associate Vice President for Information Technology on:
    • Policies and plans that lead to the purchase of major technologies and the creation of new technical facilities.
    • Short term and long range planning, including the Center for Information Technology (CIT) Master Plan for Information Technology.
    • Enhancement of existing technology and services, grant opportunities, and the future incorporation of technology into teaching and learning, academic support, professional development and training, and research processes.
    • Distance education, teleconferencing, video, voice, Internet, and multimedia capabilities and other academic technologies.
    • Help Desk, student computing, curricula computing, computing laboratories, and infrastructure support to improve procedures and services.
    • Policies for the ethical uses of academic technology.
  2. To facilitate the work of the Committee and to provide for effective communication and collaboration:
    • The Vice President for Information Technology will regularly update the committee on planned activities and will seek input from the committee prior to implementation.
    • The Committee will send copies of minutes and other information deemed appropriate to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Chair of the Faculty Senate, and Chair of the Administrative Computing Committee.
    • The Committee will evaluate the effectiveness of technology support of the academic program.

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